Quick Balaton "roundtrip"

Lake Balaton is one of the most significant natural treasure of Hungary, its water sparkling between vulcano mountains. Those who like good wine, sunshine, and water sports will not be disappointed living in this area what is a very popular vacation-place in Europe. The 44 miles long sweet water lake is also often called as "Hungarian Sea", laying by the west side of Danube River.

Fonyód is the city where we set up our office and selling most of our real estates. The twin-mountain by the city were populated by ancient people, the Romans and other migratory mediterraneans. In the past few thousands years, it become unhabited and populated again several times.

Balaton The first written memory about the city was found in the letter of King Saint László, from 1082 under the name "Funodi". In the middle age it was called the "Eagle's Nest", probabaly because of the fortress leaded by the "Turkish Beater" Bálint Magyar Chief Captain and the swamp all around the city. After about more than one and a half century, the township were almost totally destructed under the Turkish domination. They started rebuild the town only after the XVIII. century. In 1861 the railroad was built, called "Déli Vasút" (South Rail) and some investors who loved to live in the area had given tremendous help for the reconstruction. In 1905, Fonyód become self-supporting and in 1989 it become a city. In the last decades, the city become one of the most popular vacation places. The center of the city is located by the railway station. Many restaurants and hotels were built in the area with European, high standard customer service. One of the most beautiful building is the Matyás King's High school - built in 1989 -, and you can also find the Hungarian Sevilla World EXPO house, designed by the magnificant Hungarian architect Imre Makovecz.

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